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10 secret FAQs Rise of Kingdoms guide to keep you ahead in the game (Part 1)

10 secret FAQs Rise of Kingdoms guide to keep you ahead in the game (Part 1)

March 8, 2022
  • Which civilization should I choose?
    • There are 12 civilizations in RoK: Rome, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, China, Japan, Korea, Arabia, Ottoman, Byzantium, Vikings. Each has its features to favor players.
    • It depends on your personal preference, but logically I have a analysis of pros and cons of each in this link: Link to Top 5 civilizations in Rising of Kingdoms I wish I knew at the beginning.
  1. Should I go with the Legendary commander? Is Epic commander good enough?
    • By default, you are given an Epic commander of the civilization and some on the go. Epic commanders are good enough and easier to level up (due to the bundle of silver stars and white sculptures).
    • These are some worthy Epic Commanders: Scipio Africanus, Belisarius, Baibars, Sun Tzu. You can upgrade them to level 40 – 60, max out their skills while you are raising your Legendary commanders.
    • In long term, Legendary is a must. With Legendary, you can exploit the full potential of the elite troops. Here are Legendary Commander tier-list (https://www.rok.guide/tier-list/)
  2. Should I attack neighbor cities?
    • It depends,
      • Case 1: You’d better not, this game is more about building a stronger city, alliance, and kingdom. You attack them, they lose troops, resources (RSS), and total power, and you TOO. In the early game, if you are too aggressive, it will hold you back. Stay calm and build.
      • Case 2: With 2 criteria (you are at least 5M power and you join an alliance). You should attack when: your alliance and allied alliances want to expand territory, they destroy weaker alliances, members in that alliance will be zeroed or forced to move to another alliance. In this game, you don’t attack individually, you attack with strategy and alliance.
  1. How does VIP help me out? How to earn VIP points?
    • You receive 200 free VIP points every daily. VIP has 17 levels, VIP boosts up your Resources production speed (food, wood, stone, gold), gathering speed, active recovery, building speed, research, speed, training speed, healing speed, troop attack, troop defense, troop hp, troop capacity, march speed… Hình ‘VIP buff perks’ (https://www.rok.guide/vip/)
    • Besides the above perks, you will receive 1 daily free VIP chest (the higher the VIP level, the more valuable chest you get). Along with a free VIP chest, each level has a Special Privileges Chest, but it costs you some bucks.
    • As a Free2Play, you should reach VIP 7 to earn its daily perks, it takes F2P 87 days to reach VIP 7 (17,500 points, free 200 daily points). Hình ‘Special Privileges Chest 1,2’. As a Low Spender, you pay 44$ to reach VIP 7 instantly
    • Disclaimer: This is not sponsored content by Rising of Kingdom or Lilith game publisher. This is only my point of view.
  2. What packages to purchase at minimum cost but massive effect?
    • There are some affordable and worthy purchases I’d like to suggest:
      • VIP: As I said in no 4. above, you should pay $44 to reach VIP 7. This is a gradual investment, pay as you go. But you should at least reach VIP 5 to be able to purchase Growth Fund.
      • First Recharge Gift Package ($0.99): get free Legendary commander Minamoto no Yoshitsune. This is the best-deal Legendary you can get. Hình ‘First recharge gift package’
      • 30-day Gem Supply ($9.99):. Hình ‘Supply Depot’.
      • 7-day Speedup Supply ($4.99): Hình ‘Supply Depot’
      • Growth Fund ($14.99): only available for VIP 5. Pay once and enjoy 2000% or 20x times of received gems when your City Hall reaches level 5, 8, 11… Hình ‘Growth Fund’.
      • Gem Store: these deals are not appealing for Low Spender, it’s more suitable for Whale accounts. Hình ‘Gem Store’.
      • This is my advice for Low Spender; you can play as Free2Play in this game, but you will be much stronger with just some investment. You don’t need to pay a ton to build a Whale or Titan account (link to RoK account list with Whale+Titan account filter)
      • As F2P, you can create 1 or more farm accounts to get more free resources (though it’s still slow on building, training, and research speed).
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  3. Is there any free Redeem Gift Codes that I can apply to?
  4. Should I join an Alliance?
    • Definitely yes, joining an alliance brings you huge perks.
      • You are protected by the whole alliance.
      • You can reduce your building and research speed by up to 25% with help of alliance members (increase with your city hall level)
      • Earn silver credit to buy necessary items in Alliance store, there are a lot of good deals there.
      • Donate to build Alliance Technology will benefit the whole alliance.
      • And yes, Osiris, this is a cool must-join event in RoK. You can only join this as an alliance member.
      • Alliance Resource centers (food, wood, stone, gold) are bigger as well.
      • Be educated within the games, 50 brains are always better than 1.
  1. What could and should I buy in Alliance shop?
    • Teleport: you should reserve Targeted Teleport and Territorial Teleport as many as you can, and use them carefully. It will be beneficial in KvK.
    • Peace shield: keep some items in your inventory, prepare for KvK so you won’t get zeroed.
    • Army expansion: Some items expand your army size by 50% in 4 or 8 hours, this is a real hack in Ark of Osiris, KvK, or rallies.
    • Passport page: use this to migrate your city to another You can only move to a mature kingdom that has already finished KvK 1.
    • Talent reset: in case you want to optimize your Commander in a new build.
  2. How to earn Alliance credits?
    • Daily credit rewards: earn up to 10K silver credit by helping other members. Just hit the help button.
    • Alliance technology donation: donate your resources (food, wood, stone, gold), in return you receive silver credits.
    • Alliance chests: it’s like your own chest, you earn these through events, gifts. So be more active in the clan.
    • Alliance constructions: when you help build a fortress, flag, or resource center, you will receive a maximum of 20K silver credits daily. Tip: only send 1-troop army, so you can maximize your earned credit.
    • Ark of Osiris: besides fun, the Osiris event brings you silver and gold credits as well.
  3. Where can I buy the Change Civilization book?

Here are 3 ways to change your civilization:

  • You have 1 free Change Civilization book, you can change your civilization when your City Hall reaches level 10.
  • You can buy it at the VIP store for 10,000 gems. It is quite expensive. So you should consider carefully when using the free book. Don’t waste 10K gems, you could use these gems for boosting your power a lot.
  • You can buy it in the Alliance store for 2M alliance credits. It would take lots of time to earn these credits as well. Let’s see which civilization suits you best.


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