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Get Your Free Legendary Champion Ronda in RAID: Shadow Legends and Juicy Rewards with New Redeem Code

Get Your Free Legendary Champion Ronda in RAID: Shadow Legends and Juicy Rewards with New Redeem Code

February 7, 2023

RAID: Shadow Legends
has started a brand-new collaboration with none other than the present WWE Smackdown champion and a professional American wrestler – Ronda Rousey! As usual, Plarium has done a fantastic job at remodeling the wrestler’s face and image into a legendary grade champion available to be collected for free through a special login event. Players can enjoy a free legendary champion that is supposedly amazing for Hydra Clan Boss as well as general PvE usage as per Plarium. The collaboration has already started in-game and players can log in to the game to start their hunt for Ronda! See Ronda’s skills and abilities in-depth below.

Ronda Chase Event:

Ronda Chase Event event started on 30th November 2022 and lasts till 28th February 2023 for almost a period of 3 months. Players can get the legendary Magic affinity champion Ronda completely for free just by logging in for 7 days throughout the event period. Ronda is a champion from the Banner Lords faction in-game. Apart from the champion itself, players can also get some high-quality artifacts along the way. Ronda will be available to be redeemed on the 7th day of logins. Do not worry as the logins for the event need not be consecutive. Players can log in anytime during the event period. Here is a list of the rewards given to players according to the day:

Day 1: 5-Star Epic grade Weapon (Savage Set)

Day 2: 5-Star Epic grade Helmet (Savage Set)

Day 3: 6-Star Epic grade Chest plate (Savage Set)

Day 4: 6-Star Epic grade Gauntlets (Savage Set)

Day 5: 6-Star Legendary grade Shield (Savage Set)

Day 6: 6-Star Legendary grade Boots (Savage Set)

Day 7: Ronda, limited-time legendary champion

Ronda – Skills and Passives:

Ronda is a magic affinity legendary grade champion from the Banner Lords faction. Ronda’s animations and ability effects are made to match her gruesome appearance as a professional wrestler. Ronda has a strong base HP of 6075 and a high base Attack of 591. All of Ronda’s abilities scale according to her Attack stat.


Here is a list of Ronda’s skills: –

Flaming Furry (Active):

Attacks 1 enemy 3 times. Places an extra hit if the target has less than 50% HP after the third hit.

Level 2: Damage + 5%

Level 3: Damage + 5%

Level 4: Damage + 5%

Level 5: Damage + 5%

Phase Rushdown (Active)

Attacks 1 enemy 3 times. Will ignore [Shield] buffs and 30% of the target’s DEF.

Places a [Block Passive Skills] debuff for 2 turns before attacking. This Debuff cannot be resisted

Also places a [Block Active Skills] debuff for 2 turns after attacking. This debuff cannot be resisted.

Level 2: Damage + 10%

Level 3: Damage + 10%

Level 4: Cooldown -1.

Fury Tremor (Active)

Attacks all enemies 2 times. Damage increases by 30% if this Champion has more than 50% HP.

[Passive Effect]

Immune to Turn Meter reduction effects when this skill is not on cooldown.

Decreases all Turn Meter reduction effects used against this Champion by 50% when this skill is on cooldown.

Level 2: Damage + 10%

Level 3: Damage + 10%

Level 4: Cooldown -1.

In Your Corner (Passive)

Has a 15% chance to join an attack whenever an ally attacks an enemy. This Champion will attack with their default skill.

At the start of each Round, places a [Shield] buff on this Champion for 2 turns equal to 40% of their MAX HP.


Increases Ally ATK in all Battles by 30%

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