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How TikTok is a game changer in social network industry

How TikTok is a game changer in social network industry

March 17, 2022

Back to five years ago, Facebook was a dominant player and had the biggest daily active users among social networks. But in only recent 2 years, TikTok has risen dramatically and just taken over the #1 position of Facebook to be the largest social platform worldwide.

How TikTok algorithm works

According to BusinessofApp 2019, users spend an average of 52 minutes on TikTok daily. 90 percent of users open the app more than once daily.

TikTok has the highest engagement among social networks, besides its interesting videos created by hundred of thousands of influencers, it’s also the algorithm how TikTok deliver the right content for the right audience that plays a role in making people stay longer on TikTok. TikTok is like Facebook 5 years ago, a channel to entertain whenever you are free and have a couple of minutes to spend, it’s instant and available.

It uses an infinite scrolling interface, which is extremely tempting, after a short funny video, users are eager to know what’s good next, and it’s hard to resist such a good snack for the mind like that. People will try to stay a bit longer, and then they spend lots of time.

55 percent of users upload their own videos. Imagine on Youtube, it’s impossible for more than half of users to upload their own videos, short or long. They usually log in to watch other people’s video, like or comment, and share it. Youtube requires a minimum quality (content, video recording, video editing…). While with TikTok, the trend is available for users to follow, it could be an appearance transformation of the main character, some funny joke, interesting acting challenges, a collab with friends… and TikTok technology enables them to edit at their fingertips. The TikTok team simplified the video editing process and also make it fun to use.

The ‘For you’ page, it’s similar to News Feed on Facebook, this is where TikTok research and develop their algorithm to real-time pick out what could be next for their users to watch. If they fail to deliver suitable content, they will lose the engagement rate. For example, a user who usually interacts with specific topics or channels will be prior to watching related videos.

Social network industry

It’s thought that Facebook was too big to be replaced, back then in 2010 – 2015, people can’t imagine a new social network that can skyrocket as Facebook did. With video-sharing platforms, we have Youtube; personal photos and videos, we have Instagram; artistic and infographics, we have Pinterest; discussion we have Reddit and Quora… It seems like there is no big idea for the next unicorn until TikTok showed up.

TikTok has nearly 1.300 million monthly active users (TikTok 690 million and Chinese Tiktok version – Douyin 600 million), in terms of MAUs, it ranks fifth among social platforms. Though it’s just started more than 4 years, there is an enormous growth potential ahead. It reached 2 billion downloads on App Store and Google Play. It outnumbered Facebook in new downloads in 2019. ‘Start with the youngster, expand to the adult’ is a smart strategy of Tiktok, the platform initially satisfies the young users with dancing, singing videos they can join to have fun with their friends. It was like Facebook back in 2004, college students interact with each other. But in the case of Tiktok, it’s more about entertainment; youth nowadays has better access to modern technology and TikTok appears to serve their demand better. Focus on technology to make the video even more appealing and simple to make, users rapidly expand to elder age group, with broader topics like even science, business, finance… but following Tiktok culture, short – fun – and informative.

Earn with TikTok

TikTok is a growing population, it is also where you can attract your potential and ready to convert customers, just keep in mind that you should follow the Tiktok style to not be irrelevant and offensive to viewers. I see some English schools share small tips every day in a creative way so that their gonna-be students can learn and benefit from it, it’s a good opportunity to expose your quality to them, a new way of marketing that’s is natural, effective, and cost-saving. What’s you need to invest is your time and creativity. Building a channel from scratch is painful and takes a longer time, you can buy TikTok accounts from us, the marketplace that’s is suitable for your niche. It’s can make your start easier.

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