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Improve your power in Marvel Contest of Champions

Improve your power in Marvel Contest of Champions

June 1, 2023

Certainly! Here are some more detailed strategies to improve your power in Marvel Contest of Champions:

  1. Master Parrying and Dodging: Parrying and evading attacks are crucial skills in MCOC. Practice the timing and technique to successfully parry enemy attacks, leaving them vulnerable for counterattacks. Similarly, learn to dodge incoming attacks to avoid taking damage and maintain your health.
  2. Understand Champion Classes and Matchups: Each champion in MCOC belongs to a specific class, such as Skill, Science, Tech, Mystic, Cosmic, or Mutant. Each class has strengths and weaknesses against other classes. Familiarize yourself with the class matchups to effectively choose the right champions for specific battles and exploit the opponents’ weaknesses.
  3. Form Synergy Teams: Synergy bonuses can significantly enhance your champions’ abilities when they are paired with specific teammates. Create synergy teams by combining champions who have compatible synergy bonuses. These bonuses can provide increased damage, improved defense, or other beneficial effects, giving you an edge in battles.
  4. Participate in Alliance Quests and Wars: Coordinate with your alliance members to participate in Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars. Alliance Quests involve cooperative gameplay, where you and your alliance members work together to explore maps, defeat opponents, and earn rewards. Alliance Wars are competitive battles against other alliances, where strategic planning and teamwork are essential for success. By actively participating in these alliance activities, you can gain valuable rewards and resources to strengthen your champions.
  5. Explore and Complete Story Quests: The Story Quests in MCOC offer engaging narratives and challenging battles. Completing chapters and quests within the Story Quests not only advances the game’s storyline but also provides valuable resources, catalysts, and experience points for your champions. Aim to progress through the Story Quests to unlock new content and improve your roster.
  6. Take Advantage of Special Events: MCOC regularly features special events, such as arenas, special quests, and boss rushes. These events often offer unique rewards, including exclusive champions, awakening gems, signature stones, and more. Stay updated with the in-game event calendar and participate in these events to acquire valuable resources and enhance your champions.
  7. Use Boosts and Potions Wisely: Boosts and potions can provide temporary enhancements to your champions during battles. Use them strategically, especially in challenging fights, to increase your chances of victory. Save them for difficult content or when you need a power boost to overcome tough opponents.

Remember, continuous progression in MCOC requires dedication, practice, and a solid understanding of your champions’ abilities. Experiment with different strategies, learn from your battles, and adapt your gameplay accordingly.

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