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Is buying Rise of Kingdoms accounts a shortcut to get ahead in the game?

Is buying Rise of Kingdoms accounts a shortcut to get ahead in the game?

March 7, 2022

• What is rise of kingdoms?
Rise of kingdoms is a RTS (real time strategy) game published by Lilith Games Inc. Due to its addictive gameplay, a lot of gamers have joined this battlefield.

You are settled in a kingdom with thousand of other players, everyone is striving to be stronger day by day, not only individually but as an alliance. You have a bunch of things to develop in your city, such as upgrading structures: walls, main hall, academy, shop, hospital, alliance center, store house, tavern, watch tower. Military structures like: stable for cavalry troops, barracks for infantry, archery range for archers, siege workshop for sieges.

You need to speed up training troops and researching technology to enhance your overall power. While you get stronger, you cant avoid being attacked by stronger neighbors and bad alliances. Combine with the long time if you are a free2play or a low spenders. I have suggest you buying all necessary in-game packages of approx 44$. Low spenders can take benefits from these spendings.

As you can see upgrading city hall from level 20, and later technologies takes a lot of times. For example T5 troops are worth the most, but it takes days to research and train
these soldiers.

It is said that RoK is a game for highly competitive and only for strong and high-payers, free2play or low spenders cant compete. It’s somehow right and wrong. If you are low spenders, it just take longer to build your city power, but it sometimes has risk of being zeroed by some aggressive players, but you can join an alliance to be protected. But players who want to be top in an alliance (leader or officers), you need to pay a lot to achieve that. As the demand for more powering goes up, rise of kingdoms account for sale is a good way to save both time and money for players. You buy a Rise of Kingdoms account because you enjoy the game, but don’t have enough time and money to invest in the game.

It’s really a shortcut to get higher in your alliance and kingdom. The logic of Rise of kingdoms account for sale is simple. Some players invested a lot ingame and when they reached the top of the game, they moved on to another game, and they wanted to take a part of their investment. So when you will definitely take benefits from these accounts, because they spends ton of money.
Benefits of buying rise of kingdoms accounts
First, it’s the power of your city in general. The Power number reflects how strong you are compared to other players. Higher power also means that you can defeat any lower players than you.
Troops power: Tier 5 is the highest level of troops, you takes a lot of time to research and much longer to build an army full of T5 troops. T5 troops helps you reach the most potential of your commanders.
Maxed out legendary commanders: rise of kingdoms accounts are included with great legendary commanders which have maxed or nearly maxed skills. If you are a free2play, it took a real long time to get there. Each commanders has abilities specialise in a field like leadership, archery, cavalry, infantry, garrison. Depends on your playing style, you can pick a suitable account for your need.
Equipments: besides commanders skills, equipments helps them build up their power in battle field like Ark of Osiris or KvK open field. Equipments is also a crucial part, and need days to weeks and luck to obtain a superior one.
Passport: you can use these passport to teleport to any open kingdoms (kingdom that finish kvk1 already). There are at least 3-5 passports in sold accounts.
Save time and money: in comparison, a player spend up to 83% less if buying an account rather than playing from scratch and purchase in-game packages. Some legendary commanders you should consider are:
Cao Cao: due to his mobile ability, leading cavalry is ideal for him the pursue the enemy in battles.
Alexander the great (available in wheel of fortune, from the 200th day of kingdom): is best at defending.
Mehmed II: is a great conquering commander, any army led by this leader earn enhancements in battle. In case you have already had a strong account, but in shortage of resrouces to build
and train troops, you can consider buying rise of kingdoms resources. Because farming
is not enough pace for development.
• Where to buy a Rise of kingdoms account: You can buy an account on Facebook group, eBay. On these sites, you need to check if the seller is reliable, because there are a lot of scammers take no responsibility after they deliver you the account, which is highly risky for you. I advise you to buy on trusted marketplace like market4gamers.net, z2u, eldorado, igvault. And only buy from top sellers with highest rating for your security. They accept various payment methods with bank-level security and has a warranty and refund policy to the lowest risk.

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