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The Maulers faction in the game AFK Arena

The Maulers faction in the game AFK Arena

February 22, 2023


The Maulers are a faction in AFK Arena. They are a warrior culture who believe strength is everything, with the worth of something or someone judged by might and usability. Though some have fought for the Hypogeans according to some Peaks of Time stories, this is relatively rare and as a whole are still fighting on the side of Dura.

All Mauler heroes, except for Granit, are Ya, and gained their hardy status from living in the near-uninhabitable Scorched Expanse that their creators, the Lightbearers, exiled them to. They have historically clashed with Lightbearers ever since, recently enough for multiple heroes on both sides to have been veterans of the wars between them, but at the current time, they have a very fragile peace with each other.

They’re separated into various tribes with their own cultures and beliefs and have been in conflict with each other almost as often as with the Lightbearers. However, the majority of them answer to a Grand Chieftain, a position currently held by Skriath after the mysterious death of the previous Grand Chieftain.

Maulers have a factional advantage over Wilders, but are weak against Lightbearers. There are currently a total of 23 playable Mauler heroes in the game.


  • Brutus
  • Khasos
  • Vurk
  • Numisu
  • Warek
  • Skreg
  • Safiya
  • Satrana
  • Antandra
  • Thali
  • Tidus
  • Skriath
  • Anoki
  • Drez
  • Kren
  • Granit
  • Thesku
  • Alaro
  • Brutus – Lion’s Pride
  • Anasta

Legendary+ Tier Heroes

  • Ankhira
  • Golus
  • Saveas

Common Tier Heroes

  • Bloodsnarl
  • Arkadios



“When most people think of the Maulers, they imagine hulking beasts, bloodied fangs, curving claws, and stampeding hooves. […]A traveler unwise enough to find himself in these places would not be in danger of being chased down by some centaur with a brutish weapon, nor would he be torn to shreds by a lion-headed monster.”

Like the Wilders, Maulers possess a wide variety of appearances. Many have a beast or animal-like appearance like wolves, bears, hawks and lions. Some are part-animal like Golus and Safiya while others are more humanoid with animal-like qualities like ears and tails.

All Maulers are known for their fierce courage and barbaric culture. Most are hostile to outsiders and believe that only the strongest survive. They are also known for being pragmatic and resourceful,

In truth, the Maulers were actually called the Ya, magical amalgamation of man and beast; created by the Lightbearers but were abandoned and left to fend for themselves in the Scorched Expanse. It is said that Dura blessed them with strong bodies and an undying will so they can survive in the Scorched Expanse. She created a fertile oasis for them, which the Ya named it Dura’s Gift.

However, the Lightbearers invaded and led to a bitter war in an effort to wipe out the Ya. After years of fighting, some of the Ya left to find a new home to live in peace. However, most of them chose to continue fighting, renaming themselves Maulers, vowing to end the Lightbearers permanently.

Eventually, the war came to a end as both sides suffered heavy casualties. Despite generations of peace, the Maulers continue to hold a grudge on the Lightbearers for abandoning them and remained vigilant against their former creators.


The Steelthorn Cliffs

“The Steelthorn Cliffs are the traditional gathering place of the Maulers. The skies are constantly filled with the black, heavy clouds of brewing thunderstorms, making this area the perfect setting to rally the tribes for war.

Here the horizon is filled with the jagged peaks of mountains, stabbing the skies like a legion of spearheads. Steep, like a well-honed blade, rough but full of wild beauty. The two highest peaks here are known as the Chieftain’s Peak and the Paragon’s Peak. They serve as the final resting places for the greatest Mauler chiefs and warriors, respectively.”

Dura’s Gift

“This rich oasis is a rare and fertile land in the Scorched Expanse. Created by Dura to save the Maulers’ ancestors, it is the primary reason the Maulers have survived to this day.

Of course, as one of the only sources of fresh water and many other natural resources, Dura’s Gift is also frequently the subject of violent territorial disputes. Although the Chieftain ensures sufficient resources are allocated to each clan, the lives of a few foot soldiers are often considered a worthy price for more.”

The Crimson Arena

“The Crimson Arena embodies the spirit of the Maulers, with a legacy of honor and glory, but also one of bloody horror.

In some ways, the Crimson Arena is not unlike the Wilders’ Twilight Dojo: Both are places where combat experts battle, but the Twilight Dojo is about an exchange of knowledge and technique, while the Crimson Arena promotes strength by culling the weak.

Primarily due to the surrounding environment, most Maulers are hunters by nature. In a hunter-gatherer society, the old, weak, and sick must be culled from the herd to ensure that the strongest survive. With limited food and water to go around, priority simply must be given to the strong. In order to ensure no undeserving mouths are fed, the Crimson Arena was built.

Here, the weak can be eliminated from the gene pool, while the mighty can make their prowess known throughout the tribes. For those who aspire to leadership, it is a baptism in blood, a very public test of strength, wits, and brutality. Even more, however, are the thrill seekers, the bloodthirsty warriors eager to hone their skills or simply itching to draw blood after too long a time between battles.

The audience, in addition to sating their own thirst for violence, have made betting on matches into a national pastime. Anything and everything is wagered on the outcome of these fights to the death, including money, weapons, slaves, and even territory.”

The Land of the Exiles

“Of all the great wasteland that is the Scorched Expanse, no part is so devoid of life as the Land of the Exiles. It is a completely arid desert, where no plants will grow. The harsh climate is home to the most deadly and cunning predators, constantly in a fight for survival as they prey on each other.

Giant sand worms lurk deep beneath the endless yellow desert, surging upwards to grab unsuspecting prey. Dunes are shattered and reshaped as the huge worms crash in and out of them, creating tidal waves of sand. Those who are quick enough to escape the worms must also be wary of the many pits of deadly quicksand scattered across the Land of the Exiles. Many a hapless soul has been buried beneath the desert due to one careless step.

The Land of the Exiles is considered outside the jurisdiction of the Mauler tribes, and even the laws of the Chieftain hold no sway. Those who are brave or foolhardy enough to make it their home are governed by one law, and one law alone: survive. It is an unforgiving place that will swallow up all but the most skilled.”


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